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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More on me (not moron, me)

So, I want to use my blog to share my art with others and honestly, to also use it as one of the building blocks in reaching my dream of being able to earn an income from home. (Which honestly is moving as slow as molasses- in January- in Maine- in the morning- before the wood furnace has been fired up- where you can see your breath in the kitchen- where you are trying to pour the wicked slow molasses) Anyhow.... I also am feeling the need to step out of my comfort zone and share- dare I say- my thoughts- and, (squirming uncomfortably a bit) more of my personal life. I want to be a more open person and I think that being myself on my blog is a good start. After all- it really isn't that hard- I mean- at this point I may only have a couple of readers (you know who you are) so- it is not like I am baring my soul to the entire world. Still it is good for me, and probably for you too. After all, when you spend a bit of time with me- you could possibly walk away saying... "hey, I (meaning you, the reader) really am not that bad off... or that weird, or that depressed, or that crazy, or ...well you feel in the blank ;) Don't get me wrong, I am not bragging about being imperfect (kinda like being proud of being humble). "I am what I am" ( words from the great philosopher from the early part of the 20th century, Popeye) Actually I think it was "I yam what I yam."The words of a song we sang at Free Grace last Sunday really stuck with me "Sinners then shall learn from me And return, O God, to Thee." So if you are looking for some imperfect, unpretentious encouragement, advice, friendship... I'm here for ya babe.

God is sovereign, I am not perfect, God loves me in all my imperfectness, and I love God the best I know how. That is about it for now I guess....more imperfect blog accounts will follow.

Here's the whole song. Well actually, it is not the whole song- after listening to it I realized Jars of Clay doesn't sing the one verse I had mentioned above. So I'll post those words at the bottom. Hope it makes you cry this morning... in a good way...

God be merciful to me on Thy grace, I rest my plea
Plenteous in compassion Thou
Blot out my transgressions now

Wash me, make me pure within
Cleanse, oh, cleanse me from my sin

My transgressions I confess
Grief and guilt my soul oppress
I have sinned against Thy grace
And provoked Thee to Thy face

I confess Thy judgment just
Speechless, I, Thy mercy trust

I am evil born in sin
Thou desirest truth within
Thou alone my Savior art
Teach Thy wisdom to my heart

Make me pure, Thy grace bestow
Wash me whiter than the snow

Gracious God, my heart renew
Make my spirit right and true
Thy salvation's joy impart
Steadfast make my willing heart
Steadfast make my willing heart

Broken, humbled to the dust
By Thy wrath and judgment just
Let my contrite heart rejoice
And in gladness hear Thy voice

From my sins, oh, hide Thy face
Blot them out in boundless grace

one more verse....
Sinners then shall learn from me
And return, O God, to Thee;
Savior, all my guilt remove,
And my tongue shall sing Thy love;
Touch my silent lips, O Lord,
And my mouth shall praise accord.

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