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Monday, December 5, 2011

Take a Word...numbers

Take a word challenge for this week...numbers..what an easy challenge when one ya love to create on a bingo card canvas...anything goes! This little piece is now part of my butter and cream collection on etsy, come visit my shop to see more butter and cream pieces with my little baldy babies!

I was at a yard sale....ha, so many of my art   that way...anywho, like I was sayin'...I was at a yard sale and found this box...big ole' box of vintage sturdy- chipboard-like  bingo cards and got them for a song and a ...I believe a dollar because, after was getting late in the mornin' they probably figured get rid of 'em or we'll have to haul 'em back in and store 'em in the garage.

  Well, 'tis the season for I want to give ya some bingo cards!!
To the first 10 of ya to become new followers of my blog...

I will send 2 free bingo cards in the mail :)!!
  If you are on facebook, like my sundappled nest page 
and I will throw in an extra bingo card! 
Favorite my sundappled nest etsy store and...
you guessed it, I will add another card!

You can email me your address, and I will get them to ya in time for holiday creating! C'mon, it'll be fun! Whatcha got to loose?

I am at 40 followers to me reach the big 5-0!!
And PS...if you didn't make the 10..please follow my blog, like my fb page, and favorite my store anyway!!! I plan to make giveaways a regular fun practice, along with altered art tips...and more fun stuff...for my followers, likers and you won't miss out!!!
Merry Creative Christmas Everybody!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

SPA Christmas Fairy

just one more artistic endeavor before I go off to dream land.... Sunday Postcard Art's challenge "Christmas Fairy". Fairies are a tried and true altered art favorite :) cannot wait to see all the other can look too... click here to be inspired and enchanted by many Christmas Fairies! Also may be adding this tiny work  to my butter and cream collection on my etsy page...loving the winter whites! Merry Creative Christmas my sweet art friends!

Butter and Cream Art