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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


just thought I would share one of my new creations...found the fairy (cupid, angel) at an antique store, forgotten in the corner...bought her for $1. Made her a bed of moss (of course) and she is sleeping soundly.

Now up to 21 terrariums and making more tomorrow. Most are doing quite well.Reading and learning A LOT about moss. Went to post office w/ Darby today. On the way home stopped the truck about 5 times to pick moss from side of the road. The post office is just a couple miles from the house. Took about 45 minutes to finally get home though. Moss hopping is as addictive as yard sale hopping!

Friday, April 23, 2010

moss terrariums for mother's day...and beyond!

I have fallen in love...WITH MOSS! I am now designing moss terrariums and will be selling them on my etsy page. I plan on listing them this following week. So many ideas for these terrariums...I can hardly contain myself!!!! Will be adding little stone walls, nests, picket fences, garden sculptures. Plan to decorate the outside of some jars with rusted wires, pearls, lace, beeswax, solder. Such plans, such work, such FUN!!!