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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Look at me, I'm blogging!

I asked the wonderfully talented artist, Joanna Pierotti, for advice on selling my artwork. One of her tips was to start a blog. So, look at me, I'm blogging! If you haven't ever seen Joanna's must must must! and her new website. She is selling the most beautiful collage pages in the world!

I just started selling my artwork on etsy, . God works in mysterious and delightfully funny ways! I have two artist's blogs bookmarked- Joanna Pierotti's Moss hill and Nellie Wartman's I have had these two bookmarked for quite some time now. I had never corresponded with Nellie though. So guess who was the first person to purchase from my etsy store? None other than the incredibly talanted artist, NellieWortman! Thank you Nellie, what a boost of confidence!! I love Nellie's artwork and was delighted that she would buy a piece from me!

So to make this very first entry somewhat short and sweet (gotta get the fam ready for church)Here are my art pieces currently listed on etsy. Thanks for stopping by!!