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Saturday, January 7, 2012

enJOY Saturday . . .

Do NOT read enJOY Saturday posts unless you would like more joy in your life.

While surfing, and browsing, and going off on little cyber-rabbit trails this morning....I found a GEM,  I wasn't looking for it , but God  is good, and there it was. I found out that one of my favoritist people, Elizabeth Eliot,  has a daily devotional online. I am now sooo looking forward to a daily dose of godly wisdom from such a mature, beautiful, wise, woman!

So the first devotional I read today seemed to be about boredom. Oh. a bit dissapointed, but only at first. I mean after all, I can be accused of alotta' things...but being bored is not one of them! I read a list of artist's blessings once and on top of the list was that an artist is NEVER bored! Too true! 

But, as I read on, I realized that she was also speaking of joy and contentment, and the lack thereof. Now, the lack of those two virtues is actually on the list of things of which I can be accused!

And not by coincidence, but by my sweet Father's design, Elisabeth was repeating to me some thoughts I had....just this morning.  BEFORE I sat down w/ my coffee and computer, before the surfing, and rabbit trailing, before I came across Elisabeth's website and devotional, as I was drying my hair, I was thinking about my default attitude towards trials. My response to health, financial, workplace, relationship TRIALS  is all too often off, way off center, that center being the fixed mark, Christ. I want to get by the trial, passed it, around it, avoid it, whatever, so that I can get back to "normal".  But,  my "normal" should... and CAN be a heart stayed on Jesus; my "normal" CAN be a life focused on ushering in the kingdom of God;  my "normal" CAN be waking up and saying "Good Morning dear Father", rising, and walking with him every moment until  I lie down and say "Good Night  dear Father."

So, yes, coming across Eisabeth's website, sweet!...finding out she has a daily devotional,  awesome! Having my own thoughts reinforced a few moments later by no coincidence, amazing (Thank you, Father!). Remembering I CAN have joy, true joy in the midst of trials, priceless. Please dear Father, keep my heart stayed on Christ today.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Renew Thursday. . . recylced art

In much of my art I use recycled materials. I love love love taking old every day objects and renewing them as art pieces! I made these butter and cream pieces recently from old bingo cards, my clay doll heads,  and other old, vintage papers and such. Each piece is brushed in beeswax. I am also in a butter and cream phase- I find working in simply various shades of white calming, and yes renewing.  Feel free to  comment and share a link to recylced, renewed art that you have found or created!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

crEate wEdnEsday....

My daughter, Grace had some fun yesterday with  the cAmeRA and PiCAsa 3 and vInTAge pRopS (found in and about the house and art room) and with her little sister LiLY (the model, i.e. the ham).  Love my girly's!!!

ps...don't forget to check out this weeks previous posts, simplify Monday and enrich Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Enrich Tuesday ~ Tasha Tudor

beloved author and illustrator

I first"met" sweet Tasha Tudor  in the pages of Victoria magazine back in the 90's as a young mom of 3 little ones. . . what a treasure I had found. I check every book out by her and about her at the Library; I searched high and low for as many of her books at used book sales (young mom w/ tiny budget). I fell in love with her lifestyle, illustrations and sweet quiet spirit. Just recently found a like-new copy (still shoppin' on the cheap)  of The Lord's prayer, so beAuTIfuL. Maybe just one flaw had sweet Tasha. I remember reading about how she dyed all her own wool. And to this young mom and germ-phoebe's chagrin. . .I read that in order to make one of the colors she collected, umm...eeeewe...pee. Well. ok, anyways, that small factoid withstanding...please,oh please . . . if you have young ones, please find at least one of her books to read with them. I promise, you will be blessed! 

visit today... Tasha Tudor and Family

Simplify Monday... Raw Recipes.....

Simplify Monday....
 Let's stop cooking EVERYTHING TO DEATH!
More energy, better health, and a healthier family...SIMPLE SOLUTION- MORE RAW FOODS!!

    100% raw diet is um, well a little scary, and sad...I mean, how can I ever give up my favorite recipe in the world- Grammy June's Fried Chicken (will share on a future  Enjoy Saturday!!)  BUT...the most energy I have ever had was when I tried the raw diet! Fell off the wagon though :(  Going to give it another go! So let's not go whole can't eat that raw either. Lets try like  50% raw 50% cooked, or 1 meal a day, or 1 day a week! Simple start! 

There are a lot of wonderful and SIMPLE raw food recipes out there. Packed with enzymes and vitamins, and pure goodness!! My all time favorite...RAW marinara sauce, you will never go back to the jar! Small note...I am not an exact recipe follower most of my raw recipes tend to lack...measurements...Sorry, I will work on that. But you're probably pretty web if you are an exact recipe follower chicky, I am sure you'll google raw marinara recipes, and find one or two complete with those pesky measurements ;). And while you are googling, find a recipe for raw walnut meatballs to go with the sauce! YUM!!!!

1.fresh tomatoes (oh pleeeeease try and find organic!!)
2.dried tomatoes (in olive oil or add a li'l bit o' olive oil)...and yes some dried tomatoes are super           important! they add depth and richness you would miss from cooked sauce!
3.italian seasoning or garlic cloves and basil leaves 
4.sea salt to taste .....
dump it all into the food processor or blender and push the go button. 

on the stove up to somewhere between 105 and 120 degrees (depends on who ya listen to) and it is still considered raw.

1. organic pasta (good) or whole grain, spelt pasta , spouted pasta (betTER) or
3. raw zucchini pasta (BEST!!)
   using a spiralizer is ya have one of those tucked away somewhere??  If not, you CAN cut zucchini by hand into noodles, toss in a bit of olive oil and sea salt...and there ya go!! You are in for a pleasant surprise...looks and tastes like PASTA.

there ya go...simple and yum! See ya tomorrow....ENRICH TUESDAY !

Monday, December 5, 2011

Take a Word...numbers

Take a word challenge for this week...numbers..what an easy challenge when one ya love to create on a bingo card canvas...anything goes! This little piece is now part of my butter and cream collection on etsy, come visit my shop to see more butter and cream pieces with my little baldy babies!

I was at a yard sale....ha, so many of my art   that way...anywho, like I was sayin'...I was at a yard sale and found this box...big ole' box of vintage sturdy- chipboard-like  bingo cards and got them for a song and a ...I believe a dollar because, after was getting late in the mornin' they probably figured get rid of 'em or we'll have to haul 'em back in and store 'em in the garage.

  Well, 'tis the season for I want to give ya some bingo cards!!
To the first 10 of ya to become new followers of my blog...

I will send 2 free bingo cards in the mail :)!!
  If you are on facebook, like my sundappled nest page 
and I will throw in an extra bingo card! 
Favorite my sundappled nest etsy store and...
you guessed it, I will add another card!

You can email me your address, and I will get them to ya in time for holiday creating! C'mon, it'll be fun! Whatcha got to loose?

I am at 40 followers to me reach the big 5-0!!
And PS...if you didn't make the 10..please follow my blog, like my fb page, and favorite my store anyway!!! I plan to make giveaways a regular fun practice, along with altered art tips...and more fun stuff...for my followers, likers and you won't miss out!!!
Merry Creative Christmas Everybody!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

SPA Christmas Fairy

just one more artistic endeavor before I go off to dream land.... Sunday Postcard Art's challenge "Christmas Fairy". Fairies are a tried and true altered art favorite :) cannot wait to see all the other can look too... click here to be inspired and enchanted by many Christmas Fairies! Also may be adding this tiny work  to my butter and cream collection on my etsy page...loving the winter whites! Merry Creative Christmas my sweet art friends!