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Monday, January 2, 2012

Simplify Monday... Raw Recipes.....

Simplify Monday....
 Let's stop cooking EVERYTHING TO DEATH!
More energy, better health, and a healthier family...SIMPLE SOLUTION- MORE RAW FOODS!!

    100% raw diet is um, well a little scary, and sad...I mean, how can I ever give up my favorite recipe in the world- Grammy June's Fried Chicken (will share on a future  Enjoy Saturday!!)  BUT...the most energy I have ever had was when I tried the raw diet! Fell off the wagon though :(  Going to give it another go! So let's not go whole can't eat that raw either. Lets try like  50% raw 50% cooked, or 1 meal a day, or 1 day a week! Simple start! 

There are a lot of wonderful and SIMPLE raw food recipes out there. Packed with enzymes and vitamins, and pure goodness!! My all time favorite...RAW marinara sauce, you will never go back to the jar! Small note...I am not an exact recipe follower most of my raw recipes tend to lack...measurements...Sorry, I will work on that. But you're probably pretty web if you are an exact recipe follower chicky, I am sure you'll google raw marinara recipes, and find one or two complete with those pesky measurements ;). And while you are googling, find a recipe for raw walnut meatballs to go with the sauce! YUM!!!!

1.fresh tomatoes (oh pleeeeease try and find organic!!)
2.dried tomatoes (in olive oil or add a li'l bit o' olive oil)...and yes some dried tomatoes are super           important! they add depth and richness you would miss from cooked sauce!
3.italian seasoning or garlic cloves and basil leaves 
4.sea salt to taste .....
dump it all into the food processor or blender and push the go button. 

on the stove up to somewhere between 105 and 120 degrees (depends on who ya listen to) and it is still considered raw.

1. organic pasta (good) or whole grain, spelt pasta , spouted pasta (betTER) or
3. raw zucchini pasta (BEST!!)
   using a spiralizer is ya have one of those tucked away somewhere??  If not, you CAN cut zucchini by hand into noodles, toss in a bit of olive oil and sea salt...and there ya go!! You are in for a pleasant surprise...looks and tastes like PASTA.

there ya go...simple and yum! See ya tomorrow....ENRICH TUESDAY !

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