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Monday, May 31, 2010

shop gYPsY first...pretty please!

pretty things...pretty gYpsY first!!! New pretty things listed~ just listed this beautiful morning. Vintage sets coming soon...beach sets, picnic sets, birthday sets, vintage kitchen sets!! Great gift ideas with gypsy cottage charm coming your way! Do you need a shower gift or birthday gift with vintage cottage charm? I can put together a lovely vintage themed gift set just for extra charge! Having so much fun hunting and gathering lovely items. Please check today's new items and please check back again soon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

early morning pics.

Took an early morning walk and pics w/ my little guy..when we got back, took a few moments and a few pics of my "studio", or porch. Be it ever so humble ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 gypsy chix

Opened a new etsy store with my daughters Millie and Grace. Bringing our slightly unmatched, wonderfully eclectic, whimsical and beautiful gYPsY cOtTage style to the masses ;)

...well at least to the small portion of the masses that come upon our etsy store or read my blog!

And yes,I dream BIG (and in lovely unmatched patterns colors)...I am determined to once again be a stay at home mom! trying many things, some working better than others ;) But I AM DETERMINED!

So, this is no charity, but by all means, if you like anything I (well we- my 2 chickies and me!) create, or resale/ repurpose, and ya wanna help a chickie out ;) check out my shops (see side bar links), send me custom requests (got a lot of my Lulah Hildebrandt etsy orders that way), link and share my blog/ shops with your friends and blog readers.

I am very grateful to those of you who have already done that, THANK YOU!

And yes I am ramping up the income from home effort! Because of my hubby's health I had to go back to work full time 4 years ago this summer. My oldest is turning 15 this month. He only has a few years left at home, and I want to be here w/ him for as much of that time as I can. Time flies when you are working full time. God has shown me a lot these past 4 years. Sometimes, though I get scared that I won't be able to ever again stay at home w/ my kids. So, yes, I have been feeling that way as of late. And I have decided that fear, worry and $1.00 + tax will get you any size coffee at McDonalds!

So, I will try again and again with all the creative juices I can muster. And I will dream, determine and do! And I will pray, everyday for a Godly attitude, for my hubby's spiritual and physical well being, and my sweet 5 kiddos, who I miss everytime I walk out that door!

Thanks for reading and praying with me.

That turned into quite the self motivational speech ;)

Have a good day...and if your are shopping... shop GyPSy! Thank you!!