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Monday, May 24, 2010

early morning pics.

Took an early morning walk and pics w/ my little guy..when we got back, took a few moments and a few pics of my "studio", or porch. Be it ever so humble ;)


DJ said...

I live in the city but have a country heart. One of my dreams - to some day live in the country. I love your place, your studio. What a beautiful place you have, a beautiful view, beautiful inspiration.

DJ (Deb)
altered heART works

Heather said...

Thanx DJ...well I definitely take pics of the best parts! We rent our home, and it is on a working cattle farm and there are some, um, not so aesthetically pleasing parts as well. Maybe someday, in the light of a beautiful sunrise, I'll take some pics of those too...maybe with just the right light, shading, color saturation an old pick up graveyard and a mountain of old tires can look like things of beauty!?

DJ (Deb) said...

We've lived in the city all our lives and in this home for 28+ years in an old, historic district. My place has quite a few not so aesthetic parts too. One income limits us some what and I'm needing to find a way to help out more than in the past. Blessings!

altered heART works

trisha too said...

It looks wonderful!


Diana said...

Your pictures are beautiful. What a great place to create.