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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grape pickin'

Grape picking with my little ones! Their is an old grapevine along our stone wall that has made its way into the trees. These are the sweetest grapes I have ever tasted! Some are rather tricky to get to though ;). Lily and Darby had a blast. So did mom ;).
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Please pray


Dear Friends, Please pray for my sweet nephew, Peter, he is in the hospital this morning with pneumonia! Pleas pray for the whole precious family!! Peter is the little guy in the stroller. Please pray for healing!!!!
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

gYpSY cOtTagE

New blog...opening my gYpSy cOtTage doors! My life is characterized by beautiful imperfections, sometimes I don't see my life as beautiful, but God does! gyPsy cOttage will be a blog dedicated to my style of decorating...of art...of daily living... where nothing matches perfectly and is wonderful in spite of it or because of it~a place for random pretty things, poems, artwork, photos, musings~traveling around from here to there, collecting trinkets and treasures. Please come by today for a visit!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Harvest Queen...and other fine ladies





I made the first doll pictured for the MPTS design challenge for October. Theme- Harvest, Materials- glitter, ribbon, handmade flower Method- Embossing. Tricky, because I never embossed anything and had no tools to do so. Solution- used the rounded edge of Gracie's crochet needle, 2 pieces of paper suede (1.99 each at Joann's) and the engraved celtic cross that hangs in my bedroom. Unfortunately, you can't see the embossing detail too well in the pic...but it turned out pretty cool. Her body is a wine bottle, make me think of those homemade dolls over dish detergent bottles back in the 70's. hehe.

I love these challenges for so many reasons. I hadn't made flowers before either. (embossing, flower making...look at me s t r e t c h and GROW!)...My flowers are tattered roses of dark ribbon (that I tattered w/ scissors) and floral tape.

The other two ladies are the other two dolls I have made from my stock of doll heads (yard sale a couple years back- 50 cents each!)

The second doll, Wisdom, was inspired by the boook of Proverbs. Now I picture my Lady Wisdom everytime I read Proverbs..."Wisdom crieth out, she uttereth her voice in the street..." The base is what looks to me like a miniature tomatoe cage...I have tried to find more of these, but haven't been able to. Anybody know what it is...or where I can get more...please let me know!

The third doll, my first, is my sweet little gypsy cottage doll. I think she's a little gypsy cottage grandma...welcoming the grandchildren in to bake gypsy cottage pies. Her skirt is actually a paper dress from mosshillstudios Her body is a canning jar. My own sweet grandma canned...and made pies w/ us grandkids....this doll sits by my art table on the porch, and whispers to me sweet memories of my grandma and my childhood.
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