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Saturday, July 31, 2010

sneak peek....

More Paper Than Shoes Forum...have you been there yet??? so many creative art chickies and sooo many bEaUTIful things to see!!

Here's a sneak peek of my piece for the August challenge....

hmmm...gotcha wonderin'????

Thursday, July 22, 2010

depression era photo shoot

Had fun the other day with the kids and their friends. They found some vintage clothes in the dress up trunk, and we went for a photo shoot on the farm. Can see the whole album on my facebook page! friend me and check it out! Dress up clothes... pocket change, old rusty farm props... free (well, I guess you could factor in the cost of rent)Sunday afternoon of great pics and memories....PRICELESS!!

PS: scroll down to the bottom of my blog and check out the art hop!!! Join for free!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

my teenage daughter's shop Gypsy teardrop

My Millie Kate (age 13) has opened her very own etsy shop. I am very proud of her! Her pieces are so sweet, I love the way she has "named" each of them...pretty, poetic...

If you are on etsy, and you have a chance, will you help me encourage her by maybe marking one of her pieces...or maybe even her shop a favorite....Thank you, friend. And if you are in the market for something unique, handmade with love, and reasonably priced...consider a purchase! You would make her day...probably her week ;) And you won't be disappointed ...her handmade jewelry is simply lovely.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

You overwhelm my days with good!

Last night's sunset brought these words to mind "You overwhelm my days with good, your wondrous love will never let me go." Click and listen to this song if ya have a won't be sorry you did. Here's an idea...listen to this song while looking through your own family pics on the computer. Sometimes, we just need a reminder of God's goodness to us ;) I knowthat yesterday I did....
Share O Wondrous Love by Sovereign Grace Music

Tonight's beautiful sunset brought to you by...God.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

MPTS July Challenge

This is my "creation" for the July challenge for More paper than shoes. Check out the MPTS forum- challenges- July Challenge. There are other creative challenges too! What a fun way to create and make new art friends! I am loving MPTS!! Still learning how to navigate the forum though. Never have participated in a forum before. Adding this pic for instance was kind of tricky. New art friends, new art creations, new challenges, phew!! It's been a week for me ;)

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little gypsies

little gypsies with beautiful phrases on their backs, vintage fabrics and laces for their "skirt". Each little gypsy girl her own unique personality!! Will be listing more and I can customize a gypsy for you too! A lovely little gypsy dancing from the rear view mirror of your car, or perhaps wear her as a pendant!! A lovely unique gift for a friend, I could even send her directly to a friend!! Only $5 for a limited time...please stop by Lulah Hildebrandt...

Guard you heart so that the good and pure may grow and flourish, and you, from the depths of your soul, may live life to its fullest!

I have listed gypsy tags and moss terrariums on my Lulah Hildebrandt shop ....

Please stop by the shop for a visit...

Friday, July 2, 2010

More paper than shoes

sO eXCiTed!!!! I made the design team for More Paper than Shoes!! This is a wonderful new design group filled with wonderful creative women,. I am honored to be part of such a wonderful group! Check out More paper's blog, forum, and facebook page. Try the creative challenge for July!

I am designing more gypsy tags, smaller ones to sell for only $10 each. Stop by my Lulah shop I can custom design one for ya too (with name, favorite colors, words, verse, phrase...) just email me and let me know. The first set was created w/ teens in mind. Will be designing all kinds of different sets in future...

Also...promise to those of you waiting ;)...will list some terrariums over the weekend! They are FINALLY ready to go!!