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Friday, June 26, 2009

Life is short. Precious, but short.

Last week my dear pappy passed away. I have been going almost nonstop since. Almost nonstop- had brief interludes of sitting at the airport (actually 4 airports if we are counting), and sitting on the plane (4 planes). God has granted me moments to meditate- on my pappy, his life, our relationship, my extended family, and my own mortality.

After the funeral, I had the blessed opportunity to spend some time with my sweet Aunt Mary (the sister of my departed grandma). I was able to take a day to stop, stay, and fellowship with one of the few older relatives still in my life. As a child I would sleepover at her house, go bowling, picnicing, and to meals on wheels with her. She is still on the go at the young age of 81. I hadn't seen her since my grandma's funeral- over 3 years ago. Too long. We talked and talked. I asked questions, so many questions, about my families past. She was delighted to share with me. We looked at pictures, many pictures, and talked. We visited my grandma and pappy's grave, We went to dinner with more family that I hadn't seen in forever, and at dinner we all talked and talked, laughed, and talked, hugged, And said our goodbyes. Not for long I hope. I had missed my extended family, and with my busy life hadn't realized how much I had missed them.

There were more family I didn't have the opportunity to visit. My sincere prayer is that I can visit with all of them too soon...and talk...laugh, cry, and talk.

Life is short. Precious, but short. I truly have failed miserably in keeping touch with the dear family God has given me. The family in our lives are not there randomly. These are people God has chosen to bond us with through blood. Not to be taken lightly I now believe. We share memories, ancestors, a common history, and love for those who have passed. May we also share our Savior and a true love for each other.

I miss my pappy. I miss him dearly. He gave me so much during his life. There were stories, jokes, and stories, coffee, checkers, and stories, the garden, card games,and stories! Did I mention the stories? He also gave me the priceless gifts of his forgiveness, his patience, and understanding. I realize pappy mellowed with age. I believe I was able to know him during the best years of his life. He truly loved me I truly loved him. I miss my pappy.

The last thing pappy gave me was the precious gift of being with family. I miss my grandma and pappy, more than words can say. But I still have my Aunt Mary. I still have my Uncle Randy, my Aunt Susan, My cousins Randy and Nick, My cousin Sean, my Uncle Russ, my Uncle George, my Aunt Gerry, my Uncle Walt, And on my dad's side, my Dad, his wife Janet, my grandma, my Aunt Sandie, my Uncle Ron, my cousin's Kristen, Stacie, and Nickie.

And I still have my sister Kim, and Brian, my brother Matt, Grace and ALL my sweet nieces and priecious nephews!!!

And I still have my dear husband Kevin, and my own beloved children!!

My prayer today is that I get through the rest of the week (still going nonstop- remember!!!)
But more importantly that I go through the rest of my life visiting, calling, emailing and remembering my family. God chose each one of them to be family to me. They are all a gift from Him. Father, please help me to be a blessing to EACH one of them.

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Jessie said...

Family is so precious, isn't it? My prayers are with you as you cope with your loss