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Friday, June 12, 2009

burnt potato soup for the soul

Well, had a day off yesterday, or should that be an off day...had A LOT I wanted to accomplished. Here are the tasks from that list that I actually accomplished:

cleaned bathroom

Now don't get me wrong, I did have quite the day, manged to turn a quick trip to Walmart into a not so quick trip that sucked up most of the morning. Came home to make lunch and burnt...ruined a batch of potato soup. Good thing I bought the potatoes on sale at Walmart. PBJs for everyone! Not exactly the rainy day comfort meal I had in mind. Was a bit tired from working my double shift on Wednesday so decided to lay down for a few minutes and woke from my coma 2 hours later. (Maybe I am getting too old to work double shifts- or too out of shape).

But we did round out the day with a make up comfort meal for dinner- Meatloaf w/ that yummy sauce, mashed potatoes And baked mac and cheese, candied carrots And broccoli...tried to hit everyones favorites. Nothing burnt. yay! But the best thing for dinner was the laughter. I had one of those mental snapshot moments where I sat back watching all my kids laughing with dad over a homemade meal. Nevermind the fact that it was after 7pm when we all finally sat down to eat. (remember the 2 hour nap threw off my timing a bit) zero arguements at the table, zero complaints, 7 happy faces and full tummys.

Now granted the rest of the day didn't go perfectly...bedtime for the little ones was a bit challenging for whatever reason.

Well, not exactly a chicken soup for the soul entry, but that was my day.

Today back to work for another double. Leaving behind many, oh so many unaccomplished tasks, leftovers in the fridge for the fam, and a clean bathroom. Taking with me my mental to do list and my mental picture from dinner ;).

Well, I am off to take a shower in my clean bathroom. Did I mention I cleaned the bathroom?

Leaving ya with my Gracie's favorite song and now one of favorites too..can really identify with the words of the song, except when the gal sings about being 20 years of age. I'm just a bit older, still great song.


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Jessie said...

Heather, what a wonderful story! I can so relate, especially to the part about WalMart being such a time-eater! I'm looking for someone I can pay (or maybe bribe!) to go for me.

I wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Premio Meme Award for your blog! Hope you'll stop by my blog when you get a chance, to pick it up.