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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Premio Meme Award

Well, I have never heard of it, was very glad to accept it ("I'd like to thank the academy....."), pleasantly surprised that I had another reader;) and so blessed to cyber-meet fellow artist and blogger Jessie of J.B. Guess & Co.

Premio Meme Award

The rules associated with this award are that I am to write seven little-known facts about myself, and then pass this award to seven of my fellow bloggers.

so, here we go....

1.I love the smell of a bowling alley- it reminds me of when I was little going with my mom, grandma, and later my little sister and my aunt to their bowling league games on Tuesdays . Afterward we would go to Long John Silver Restaurant and I would get extre FREE "crispies" with my meal. Little bits of deep fried batter crumbs- YUM!

2.I also love the smell of Long John Silver Restaurant. It reminds me of a time I could eat deep fried batter crumbs and not worry about clogged arteries- or moving up a pants size.

3. I was valedictorian of my senior class.

4. I graduated in a class of 8 students. ah- now #3 makes a little more sense to you.

5. I love Theology. I wish I could immerse myself in the teachings of Reformed theologians- past and present. Of course- I would have to start out with the basics- such as the well known book Deep Theology for Dummies. Don't bother googling that book- I just made it up.

6. I really like beer. Microbrews- not generic domestic crap like bud. I wish I could immerse myself in the study of beer. Of course, I would have to start out with the basics-such as the well known book Microbrews for Dummies. Actually, you could google that one- more of a liklihood that is an actual book.

7. I had a nic-name that my mom gave me as a child- friends, thankfully never found out about it, it was a term of endearment for me used by my parents, grandparents, and some aunts and uncles. ready for this? Hubber Ubber Sue-ber oober. It was sometimes shortened to just Hubber. Thankfully, most of the time they would just call me Heather Sue. If you try to address me as hubber I will block you from my blog. and if you are reading this on facebook- I will most definitely unfriend you. ;)

Ok- I know that I am only halfway done- I will post my list of 7 fellow bloggers later, While I sit blogging others lie sleeping and we are all going to be late. I am late for almost everything but work. That is a not so little known fact about me.


Jessie said...

Isn't it funny how specific smells just take us back to our childhood? For me, it's fresh plastic. Being a real girly-girl I always had a new doll of some kind on Christmas morning. To this day, every time I smell something new that's made of plastic, it takes me right back to those joyful and carefree days! Thanks for sharing a few tidbits of your life with us!

Oh, by the way, I'm also a big fan of the little fried crispies from Long John Silver's!

Kathleen said...

Great answers! nice to 'cyber' meet you =)