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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Theme Thursday: Black and White!

Well, I have found an art challenge for each day of the week! This altered bingo card is for the Theme Thursday challenge Black and White. At some point I will sync my project creating w/ the day of the theme; right now however, I will probably try to do as many challenges as I can...all on Saturday. Decided to take a slightly different turn in my art projects...little quirkier and fun and a bit childish. I love how kids create with no fear and with such random beautifulness (new word- another heatherism). So, is my humble offering, one of my little paper clay heads, vintage papers, trim and of course brushed with a layer of beeswax to finish.

A boy, A bird, and the bright white moon.
"My the moon is bright tonight. Lovely. and quiet."


Kelly said...

gorgeous collage!

Dolly Daydreams said...

Love this piece very whimsical and the little figures are super.


Sunny Skye Creations said...

These are fun!! Love them girl!!
Miss seeing your creations regularly!
Hope all is well!!

Heather said...

Thanks Ladies :)and Nicole long time no "see"! What a lovely surprise my art friend! God bless ya!