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Monday, January 2, 2012

Enrich Tuesday ~ Tasha Tudor

beloved author and illustrator

I first"met" sweet Tasha Tudor  in the pages of Victoria magazine back in the 90's as a young mom of 3 little ones. . . what a treasure I had found. I check every book out by her and about her at the Library; I searched high and low for as many of her books at used book sales (young mom w/ tiny budget). I fell in love with her lifestyle, illustrations and sweet quiet spirit. Just recently found a like-new copy (still shoppin' on the cheap)  of The Lord's prayer, so beAuTIfuL. Maybe just one flaw had sweet Tasha. I remember reading about how she dyed all her own wool. And to this young mom and germ-phoebe's chagrin. . .I read that in order to make one of the colors she collected, umm...eeeewe...pee. Well. ok, anyways, that small factoid withstanding...please,oh please . . . if you have young ones, please find at least one of her books to read with them. I promise, you will be blessed! 

visit today... Tasha Tudor and Family

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Cartoon Professor said...

Hello, do you know if Tasha used all natural dies for her wool? Thank you, From Jasmin.