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Saturday, January 7, 2012

enJOY Saturday . . .

Do NOT read enJOY Saturday posts unless you would like more joy in your life.

While surfing, and browsing, and going off on little cyber-rabbit trails this morning....I found a GEM,  I wasn't looking for it , but God  is good, and there it was. I found out that one of my favoritist people, Elizabeth Eliot,  has a daily devotional online. I am now sooo looking forward to a daily dose of godly wisdom from such a mature, beautiful, wise, woman!

So the first devotional I read today seemed to be about boredom. Oh. a bit dissapointed, but only at first. I mean after all, I can be accused of alotta' things...but being bored is not one of them! I read a list of artist's blessings once and on top of the list was that an artist is NEVER bored! Too true! 

But, as I read on, I realized that she was also speaking of joy and contentment, and the lack thereof. Now, the lack of those two virtues is actually on the list of things of which I can be accused!

And not by coincidence, but by my sweet Father's design, Elisabeth was repeating to me some thoughts I had....just this morning.  BEFORE I sat down w/ my coffee and computer, before the surfing, and rabbit trailing, before I came across Elisabeth's website and devotional, as I was drying my hair, I was thinking about my default attitude towards trials. My response to health, financial, workplace, relationship TRIALS  is all too often off, way off center, that center being the fixed mark, Christ. I want to get by the trial, passed it, around it, avoid it, whatever, so that I can get back to "normal".  But,  my "normal" should... and CAN be a heart stayed on Jesus; my "normal" CAN be a life focused on ushering in the kingdom of God;  my "normal" CAN be waking up and saying "Good Morning dear Father", rising, and walking with him every moment until  I lie down and say "Good Night  dear Father."

So, yes, coming across Eisabeth's website, sweet!...finding out she has a daily devotional,  awesome! Having my own thoughts reinforced a few moments later by no coincidence, amazing (Thank you, Father!). Remembering I CAN have joy, true joy in the midst of trials, priceless. Please dear Father, keep my heart stayed on Christ today.

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