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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

uPCyCLed CHriStMAs!!!!!

candy coated Christmas altered art handmade  upcycled bottles....say that 3 times fast!!For Christmas this year I announced to my fam that I wanted to have a hadmade Christmas this knit-a-holic daughter thought it was a wonderful idea!! In fact, she started knitting away.... The other kiddo's, not so much. Maybe not too concerned w/ what to give as they were what they would or wouldn't get...biggest hang up- electronics- you cannot knit an ipod, you cannot carve a ps3 out of pine. sooo, we shall cOmProMIse!! Mom and dad buy gifts for kiddos, and kid to kid= handmade.

Do me a fun favor and leave a comment with your favorite upcycles and or handmade gift idea! Christmas altered bottle now in my etsy shop!!

Have yourself a merry handmade upcycled Christmas!

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Love that you're encouraging handmade items among your kids!
What a lovely bottle!