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Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Cheer

This month's design team challenge for More Paper Than Shoes...soon to be renamed Creative Paper Artist was to design a piece to convey holiday cheer, using our individual favorite altered bottle is decorated with vintage papers tattered fabric, and beeswax. My first handmade decoration of the holiday season...and on this our first day of snow...and my day off :) What a beautiful cozy day!! Happy Holidays one!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hi friends, I am part of the etsy group Creative Paper Artists...please check out our group page!

What a wonderful Christmas it would be if we each supported each other a little by buying from shop to shop! What a beautiful handmade Christmas it would be as well!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Create One Small Tag for One Great Cause

Do you stamp?? Do you scrap?? Altered art perhaps??

I need your help!!

...Would you please create one tag for a centerpiece I am putting together for the Lewiston Root cellar, an inner city ministry in Lewiston, ME

We are asking 40 artists, art groups, and art classes to each create 1 centerpiece with the theme- Trees, fall, faces of inspiration, and community. I would like my contribution to be a tree similar to this one, but full of tags created by blog and fb art friends. Each centerpiece will be up for bid at our silent auction w/ a starting bid of $50! I have over 100 art blog and fb friends and I have seen much of your work- imagine a tree- or treeS full of tags created by all of us!!

Please consider making one small tag for one great cause. Your tag could reflect one or more elemnts of the theme. For inspiration and more info visit our website Lewiston Root Cellar.

Thank you in advance for anyone and everyone who chooses to help!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Tree

Have you visited the MPTS forum yet! If you are a scrapper, stamper, and/ or altered artist, you need to get in on the fun!! Stop by the MPTS blog to see the design team members takes on this months challenge and THEN do the challenge yourself and post it!!

November's Challenge:

Theme for November "Leafless Trees"
Materials: buttons and felt
Technique: ink blending
"Leafless Trees" November is usually cold and gray...but think of "you are taking a walk early morning and you can hear the wind between the tree branches and feel the cold on your cheeks... you're NOT cold because you are wearing your favorite thick wool cardigan...All of a sudden, the comfort smell of wood burning in chimneys reaches you and you take everything in...All your senses are fully awake...You happily remind yourself how wonderful it is going to be at home sitting by the fireplace with a nice cup of tea, coffee or coco!"
Lovely Idea submitted by Design Team Member, Chantel

Here is my November Challenge Piece. My "November Tree". Up here in Maine, some trees are leafless already! And my family loves taking walks and coming home to cocoa and coffee. My tree actually has a strand of a few leaves still on it. This tree is a tree close to home, Imagine a big brother and his little sister buttoned and bundled up for a walk in the woods, coming home (see their key) to candles their mother has lit and a woodstove. The felt ties on the tags, keys, and candles make me think of warm scarves. I loved making this piece! Thanks for the idea Chantel!