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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I gave my altered art team the challenge of creating a piece of altered art that best introduced them to the rest of the group, and the rest of the MPTS forum.

This hymnal is the project I created to introduce myself, "describing" a few aspects of my personality...

I love "altered hymns"...old hymns set to new music. The words of some old hymns cause one to stop and think...the depth and theology in such a time as through some old hymns once!!some fave phrases...

Jesus lover of my soul, let me to the bosom fly!
I need thee every hour in joy and pain
Years I spent in vanity and pride, caring not my Lord was crucified!
Joy that seekest me in pain
You overwhelm my days with good!
Your wondrous love will never let me go

I love God, and am his daughter, under his cross, under his wings...For all of my faults... ALL of them, I am forgiven and I am loved and am saved for eternity! Today I will screw up, and seem to forget this awesome least a thousand times. And in His mercy he will forgive me and in His grace he will keep me.

Like my hymnal, I am not perfect... pretty frayed and tattered actually, but very colorful, unique, and interesting ;)

The bright colors and dark colors in my art- life is light, bright, and beautiful at times, and other times serious, somber, and seemingly sucky...but still let's face it, the truth is life IN CHRIST is beautiful! Illness, car repair, a messy house, bills beyond measure ...these will ALL soul rests in CHRIST FOR ETERNITY! Truthfully and basically- I will die someday, and none of this crap matters, I am his for eternity, saved from an eternity I don't even want to think about. I am loved by GOD forever!

Some colors match, some don't...kind of following my gypsy cottage art/ decorating style and my life...nothing matches perfectly, and I don't care...I did it that way on purpose...sort of! If you visit my house you'll see I gave up the quest for perfection a while ago! After all, the best part of home, is well...just being home! I have some time off to think about this, and I am loving it! I heart my imperfect home...and my imperfect family!!!

Well, that pretty much sums it up I in a hymnal.......

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