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Monday, June 14, 2010

inspired by Shakira

Well, if ya just clicked on my blog, you are listening to the first song on my playlist...Gypsy by Shakira. Don't listen to Shakira much, but I love this song. My little gypsy artist singing Gracie shared this song one day with me and I LOOOVE it! It inspired this tag I created for design team entry more paper than shoes. I had so much fun creating it I am going to make more "gypsy tags", so lets seeee, I have the terrariums to finish, vintage sets to create, teen tags for Texas wholesale (wonderful ETSY customer) more pics to alter, and now gypsy tags! Wandering around from beautiful place to beautiful place in my little art world...just like a gypsy...are you coming with me ;)

1 comment:

DJ (Deb) said...

I never heard of Shakira until your blog and I love the song. Just right for creative hearts.

Beautiful gypsy tags - love the one with the face.

Maybe now that summer is finally here I can get back to art. Blessings!